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      Phone 847 336 9375

      111 Greenwood Avenue     Waukegan, IL 60087

      e-mail  info@stevensinstrument.com



      Breakout Boxes, Remote Starters


      SA-5 & SA-6 Breakout Boxes for Amphenol Connectors Amphenol breakout boxes
      • Used for tests with the CD-77 or PVA-1 to simplify and hasten hookups on Johnson & Evinrude engines equipped with Amphenol connectors.
      • Engine connectors are separated at the desired test points and reconnected to leads from the box.
      • Test prods are inserted into the appropriate lettered jacks.
      • Switches open or close chosen circuits.
      • Saves time and prevents incorrect terminal identification.
      • SA-5 (pictured) is for 1985 and earlier, SA-6 for 1986 and later.


      SA-5  List $122.50  Dealer $98.00

      SA-6; List $122.50 Dealer $98.00

      GC-96 Remote Starter Remote starter
       Used in place of Johnson-Evinrude boat controls with the Deutsch connector to choke, start, run and stop.
      • Quickly determine if the boat harness is a problem
      • Crank and run when you have no key
      • Work without a helper, which is labor saving as well as safer since the engine won't crank unexpectedly

      Case Dim 3 x 4 x 1.5 in., 6 ft. cable

      List $107.49   Dealer $86.00

      GC-73A Remote Start Adaptor
      Connect to the GC-96 to provide choke, start, run and stop functions for engines with the round red 10-pin connector.

      That covers more than 20 years of Johnson and Evinrude engines.

      List $50.00   Dealer $40.00


               Updated 3 March 2018