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      Phone 847 336 9375

      111 Greenwood Avenue     Waukegan, IL 60087

      e-mail  info@stevensinstrument.com


      732 Digital Multimeter

      model 732 digital multimeter

      This is the finest high quality DMM we've seen at any price. Solid readings are provided with PVA-1 Peak/DVA Adaptor. Hold feature captures even peak voltage. Most DMMs are restricted to readings of 10 amps. The 732 will read up to 20 Amps for 30 seconds!  Small package with a big, crisp LCD screen. The quality of this readout exceeds that of any we've seen. Auto-off with warning signal prior to shutdown.
      • DC Volts - 400mV, 4, 40, 400 & 600V, plus auto-range
      • AC Volts - 4, 40 400V plus auto-range
      • DC Current - 400 & 4000 uA, 40 & 400 mA, 10A, 20A for 30 seconds, plus auto-range
      • AC Current - same ranges as DC
      • Continuity - Buzzer under 50 ohms
      • Diode Test 2V Range, 0.01V resolution

      Includes 46" test leads, instructions, 9V battery, spare fuses & rubber boot with stand & probe holders.

      Approx. dim. w/boot 6.5 x 3.25 x 1.625 in.
      List $237.50 Dealer $190.00

      Multimeter accessories

      CT8017 Digital Multimeter

      From General Technologies Corporation, a value priced DMM that performs like a high end instrument.
      • Choice of full Auto Ranging or manual range selection
      • 3 3/4 digit display with analog bar graph
      • AC/DC Volts up to 600
      • Manual or auto VDC/VAC selection
      • DC Current measurement up to 10A
      • Resistance measurement up to 32M ohms
      • Display data hold
      • Continuity test with buzzer
      • Diode test
      • Overload protection for Volts & Ohms
      • Fuse protection for Current

      Includes 37" test leads, instructions, 2 "AA" batteries, rubber boot with stand & soft carrying pouch.

      ct8017 digital multimeter
      Approx Dim w/boot 6.25 x 3 x 1.75 in;. List $122.50  Dealer $98.00  
      Multimeter accessories    

      CM600 Amp Clamp, 600 Amp CM600 AmpClamp

      Although this handy little tester reads AC/DC volts plus resistance up to 1000 ohms, we offer it primarily for its ability to easily read AC & DC current up to 600 Amps.

      No need to disconnect cables. No need to worry about overloading a meter. Clamp opens up to 1 inch. In tight quarters you can press the hold button, remove the tester and see the reading.

      Other features:

      • Audible continuity tests
      • Full autorange features
      • One rotary switch operation
      • Low battery indicator
      • Auto power off
      • Large 4 digit LCD display
      • One touch auto zero
      • Includes test leads, soft carrying case, 2 AAA batteries & user's manual
      Approx dim 7.5 x 2.5 x 1 in.
      List $163.75 Dealer $131.00

      CM100 Amp Clamp, 100 Amp + milliamps

      Like the CM600, the CM100 will read AC/DC Volts and Resistance. It also reads AC & DC current up to 100 Amps. Its outstanding feature is the ability to read milliamps, enabling you to find parasitic leaks which can otherwise be extremely difficult to locate.

      All other features are the same as those shown above for the CM600 except

      • Maximum current reading is 100 Amps
      • Jaw opening is 1/2 inch, large enough for standard battery cables
      • Will read milliamps

      Amp Clamp with milliamps

      Approx dim 8 x 2.5 x 1 in. List $216.25   Dealer $173.00

      Revised 3 March 2018