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      Peak Voltage/DVA


      CD-77  Peak Voltage/DVA Meter
      This is the industry standard for reading peak voltage, or DVA.
      • Direct, accurate readings of charge coil output, pack output and sensor or trigger output. No guesswork!
      • Overload meter protection without fuses
      • Compact package with 4 inch wide sweep taut-band meter
      • "Any-angle" rigid handle/stand
      • Positive or negative polarity switch with sensor selection
      • Meter ranges 0-5, 0-50 & 0-500
      • Includes 35-009 Amphenol Jumpers
      • Includes TS-77 Terminal Extenders
      • Includes instructions with many Johnson-Evinrude hookups and specs
      • No batteries required
      Approx. Dim. 5 x in. List $336.25  Dealer $269.00
      CD-77 Instructions Accessories

      PVA-1  Peak Voltage/DVA Adaptor
      Plug directly into our Model 732 digital multimeter or other quality DMM to read Peak Voltage or DVA. Your DMM test leads plug into the PVA-1 so there is no need to carry, store and untangle another set of leads. Nor will you need to replace an entire adaptor when the leads wear out. Our exclusive Low Volt Option eliminates misleading Sensor/Trigger readings.
      Approx Dim 2.75 x 2 x 1.25 in.

      List $71.25  Dealer $57.00

                  PVA-1 Instructions


      Updated 26 Jan 2019