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      Phone 847 336 9375

      111 Greenwood Avenue     Waukegan, IL 60087

      e-mail  info@stevensinstrument.com


      SERVICE       -       REPAIRS

      Stevens Products
      Stevens brand items in need of service can be sent to the address above. Non-warranty service is charged on a parts and labor basis.
      If you want to charge your VISA or Mastercard, you can include the card number and expiration date or request that we call you for card information. If you do not provide payment instructions, items are returned COD. We will not charge more than 70% of replacement cost.
      Feel free to place a dollar limit on repairs, request an estimate etc. ...however you'd like it handled. Estimating time is added to repair labor.
      Normal turnaround time is one to two days.
      Warranty repairs: All Stevens products carry a basic one year warranty. Please provide proof of purchase or let us know that it may be under warranty...we can look it up for you unless you purchased from a distributor.
      Brands other than Stevens   (Ferret Instruments, General Technologies, Yokogawa, etc.)
      Please follow the manufacturer's instructions for service. We'll be glad to forward these products to the manufacturer, but you will incur some delay plus additional shipping and handling costs.
      Products purchased from a distributor should  be returned to Stevens (or to the manufacturer), not to the distributor.

      Updated 3 March 2018