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      Phone 847 336 9375    Fax 847 662 6808

      111 Greenwood Avenue     Waukegan, IL 60087

      e-mail  info@stevensinstrument.com



      Spark Checkers, KV Meter


      S-21 Two Wire Spark Checker
      Handy, economical spark checker for the little kickers. Care must be taken if used on high voltage ignition systems, where arcing can occur from exposed metal on the tester. We recommend the S-48H for CDI (capacitor discharge ignition) systems.

      List $32.50  Dealer $26.00


      S-48 Eight Wire Spark Checker
      Highest quality, versatile open-gap spark checker, for 1 to 8 cylinders. This "sparky" can be separated into two 4-wire halves by loosening two wing nuts. Furnished with two ground wires for separate 4-wire use. Sliding mechanism adjusts four gaps which are marked from 1/4 to 1/2 inch as well as in millimeters. Black background for easy visibility is recessed to prevent carbon tracking. Molded Valox is highly resistant to chemical, UV and physical damage.

      List $116.25   Dealer $93.00


      S-48 & S-48H Instructions

      S-48H Four Wire Spark Checker
      One half of the S-48 shown above. For those who don't need more than a four-wire spark checker.

      List $60.00   Dealer $48.00


      48TA Spark Wire Tip Assemblies
      Do-it-yourself replacement tips for wire ends on the S-48 and S-48H or other 7mm wires. Easy retro requires a soldering iron and shrink sleeving. Tip is threaded to accept the 48M. One 48TA is a set of four. 

      List $17.50  Dealer $14.00

      48M Metric Spark Wire Adaptor Tips
      Adapt the standard wire tips on the S-48 & S-48H to the 4mm threaded spark plug terminals. One 48M is a set of four.

      List $5.00  Dealer $4.00


      TA-100 SmarTach+  - digital tachometer/KV meter
      The SmarTach+ from General Technologies provides RPM readings with no connections required. Program in the number of cylinders and 2 or 4 cycle, hold the antenna within a foot or two of the ignition system to read RPM. Select KV to read voltage on individual spark plug wires, comparing cylinder to cylinder or engine to engine to find problem ignitions, wires and spark plugs.
      • RPM range 200 to 20,000
      • Secondary voltage 0-50,000
      • 2 or 4 cycle
      • 1 to 12 cylinders
      • Automatic shutoff
      • Instructions with excellent diagnostic tips for KV readings
      • Storage case
      Approx Dim 4.5 x 2.75 x 1 in. List $168.75   Dealer $135.00


      TA500 SmarTach+  - digital tachometer/COP Engine Analyzer

      The TA500 features all the functions of the TA100 shown above and it is capable of operating on COP (coil on plug) or coil near plug systems.

      Approx Dim 4.5 x 2.75 x 1 in.

      List $236.25  Dealer $189.00


      Updated 26 Jan 2019